A stain on your carpet, particularly one that gives off an offensive odor, is an issue that demands immediate attention, and in many cases the first instinct is to grab a bottle of commercial cleaner and try removing the stain immediately. This may seem like the right idea, but in many cases these products are not meant for high quality upholstery and can cause permanent damage to your carpets or rugs even with moderate use.
Stain and odor removal is a delicate process, and taking the wrong steps could spell the end for your fine upholstery. For this reason, when you have a difficult stain or odor in your carpet, call Ray Carpet Cleaning for professional assistance. Ray Carpet Cleaning can tailor a cleaning method for your specific material type and stain composition, greatly increasing your chances of removing the stain for good. Don't gamble with your most used fabrics, call Ray Carpet Cleaning for professional carpet care.


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